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      Thin or misshapen eyebrows?
      Let me UPGRADE your EYEBROWS!

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Specializing in Microshaded Eyebrows

                The Artist                                       

Octavia McMurray

Octavia's interest for the beauty industry began when she returned home from training as a Emergency Medical Technician (combat medic) in the United States Army Reserves. After returning home from boot camp in 1995 she stopped by to visit a childhood friend who recently opened her own nail salon. This long time friend knew Octavia started doing her own acrylic and gel nails in 1984. Faye asked Octavia to come and work with her in her nail salon. In 1996 Octavia attended Milwaukee Area Technical College and earned her Nail Technician diploma and Wisconsin Manicurist state license. This was the beginning of her love affair for both the beauty and medical industries. In October of 2004 Octavia was formally educated and trained in the art of Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing at Biotouch International in Miami Florida. In 2013 she received her Esthetic diploma from Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness and her Wisconsin state license. In 2017 she was trained in Medical and Oncology Esthetics at True U University in Chicago Il. June of 2018 Octavia received her diploma from Universal Spa Training Academy and her Illinois state license  as an Esthetics Teacher. Also known as Tattoo Toni, Octavia plans are to share her passion and knowledge for all things tattoo through her academy that will open in the spring of 2023. Her passion for the beauty industry is only surpassed by her faith in GOD and her love for her three children, twelve grandsons, three granddaughters and one great-grandson. She is also an ordained minister.

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Mircoshaded eyebrows are the new FACELIFT!


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